YouTuber reportedly makes $300,000 a month getting stung by the world's most painful insects

Nathaniel Peterson, better known as “Coyote Peterson,” is a Youtuber with a popular channel called “Brave Wilderness.” Learn about the online star who made a career of getting stung by the biggest and nastiest insects on the planet.
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White Claw

YouTuber Built a Pirate Ship Out of White Claw Cans

YouTuber took 273 cans of White Claw and some glue sticks and turned them into the S.S. Clawdia.
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John Krasinski Hosts New YouTube Show With Guest Appearance by Steve Carell

John Krasinski is using his down time to create some content for all to enjoy amid growing coronavirus concerns. His new YouTube show, “Some Good News,” launched Sunday.
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dont panic

"Gotta Get The Bread And Milk Guy" Has A Coronavirus Sequel

You just never know what random video will make you famous.
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6 YouTubers Who Have Entered the Podcasting Game

Plenty of famed YouTubers have dipped their toes in the podcasting waters, and several of those podcasts are available on the RADIO.COM app. Check out these podcasts made by YouTubers you can listen to now.
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The Only Weezer Cover You'll Ever Need

Oh sure, in just a few moments with just a standard few terms typed into your search bar, you could find yourself an array of covers for your favorite band. Child Prodigys. Angsty teens in their bedrooms. Aspiring creatives at their first gigs. Even fellow artists get in on the action from time to...
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This Might Be Your New Favorite YouTube Series

If you're a music lover like me, boy do I have a treat for you. During one of my recent YouTube rabbit holes I have a habit of falling into late at night, I discovered a series called Professor of Rock. It details in great depth, the stories behind some of the most iconic rock songs in history and...
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YouTube Is Done With Dangerous Bird Box Challenge Videos

The days of "dangerous pranks" are over
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The Highest Paid YouTube Star Is A 7-Year-Old Who Reviews Toys

The first grader made 22 million last year
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