More Than 90% Of People Are Burnt Out At Work

Chances are if you work, then you are BURNT OUT. A new study has come out that says 90% that have jobs are burnt out with work. And get this in the survey that was taken 96% of the bosses are aware of the burn out, hell theyre probably burnt out as well. There is 5 main reasons people gave for...
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Dominatrix In Training...

What is your dream job? If you answered whipping billionaires out of there money (yes, literal whipping) then this might be for you. There’s a woman right here in NYC giving you all the training you need to be a top notch dominatrix!!! Apparently there’s a TON of rich men out here that want to be...
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Studies Say We Are Burnt Out

A recent study came out that states Americans are overworked. I think we all can relate. The burn out is real!!! I’m running for president and when I win I’ll make sure we only have 4 day work weeks... Who’s in?
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