Hello Deer

Deer Caught On Video Running Through New York Mall

A deer was caught on video running through a Dick's Sporting Goods at the Palisades Center Mall earlier this week.
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Whale breaking the water

Hundreds Of Whales Spotted In New York City Waters

When you think of New York City, whale watching probably doesn't come to mind.
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Comedian Jon Stewart Helps Aid Goats Found On New York Subway Tracks

Jon Stewart has helped make a home for two goats found roaming along the subway tracks in New York City.
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German Man Calls Police For Help As Squirrel Chases Him

I was chased by a bat once. That was scary. A goose ran after me at the park a few weeks ago, also scary.
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Baby Rat Exits Brooklyn Sink, Enters Nightmares

By Christine Squeamish about rodents? Then you probably don't want to click on this link and see pictures of a baby rat crawling up out of a sink drain in ​Bed-Stuy. The little critter poked its head up on Friday night, stayed long enough to become Twitter famous , and then slunk away back down the...
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Hooray for Humpback Whales!

Here's a feel-good story for animal lovers: a humpback whale whose head was caught in some rope off the coast of New Jersey has been FREED!
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