Doctor With Virus Is Sharing His Daily Symptoms On Twitter

Dr. Yale Tung Chen got infected while treating patients at Hospital Universitario La Paz in Madrid, where he works as an emergency physician. Follow his progress here.
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Football confetti

Some Super Bowl Confetti Was Actually Super Bowl Tweets

Last night Twitter and the NFL teamed up to make a customized celebration for the Kansas City Chiefs.
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Someone pisses you off, what do you do? Our options are limited these days. Can't throw food at 'em. Arrested . Noogies? Nope . Enlarging your girlfriends forehead in pictures and posting them to Twitter? Still legal ! I normally don’t post them but this is an actual thing I just slightly or...
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Twitter application. Logo, internet.

Is Twitter Actually Removing the Like and Retweet Features? Developers Respond

After a viral Tweet said the social media platform was removing likes and retweets, the block option, the ability to go private, and forcing users to have direct messages open to everyone, the social media panic started up again.
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Bea Arthur

Why Is Bea Arthur Trending On Twitter?

An investigation into why the beloved 'Golden Girl' is back in the news
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Twitter Wants Your Help Creating New Hateful Speech Policy

What constitutes a violation of their rules? Social media app Twitter is trying to find a balance between letting the first amendment thrive and keeping hateful speech off of the app.
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Panic at the Disco

Panic! At The Disco Guitarist No Longer Performing With the Band

Yesterday afternoon, Panic! at the Disco tweeted that long-time guitarist Kenneth Harris will no longer be touring with the band. Touring musician Kenny Harris will no longer be performing with us because of a personal matter. — Panic! At The Disco (@PanicAtTheDisco) September 22, 2018 Kenneth...
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Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons

Dan Reynolds Calls Out Eminem

Thursday night (Aug. 30th), Eminem dropped a surprise 13-track album called Kamikaze . In one of the tracks, " The Fall, " Eminem uses the homophobic slur f----t, aimed at fellow artist Tyler, the Creator. He raps, "Tyler create nothin’, I see why you called yourself a f----t, bitch / It’s not just...
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It’s #NationalNewJerseyDay?

As a lifelong NJ resident, I had no idea this was a thing. Based on some of the tweets here, it looks like I’m not the only one. ~Nicki
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Excited teenager showing a rock sign while listening to music in headphones

Millennial Classic Rock: Change A Song Title

Twitter users all over the world are changing the names of popular classic rock songs to turn them into millennial-themed jokes. They are HILARIOUS. Here are some of our favorites!
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