National New York Day: 7 Beautiful Places to Visit in New York State

When it comes to beautiful places to visit in New York, Central Park isn’t as green as it gets. Outside of Manhattan and the boroughs, New York is home to some of the most striking nature destinations on the east coast. Whether you’re looking for some hiking trails, mountain views, or waterfalls,...
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Best Time to Book flights for THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS

You might driving around in your town and are already seeing HALLOWEEN decorations, thinking to yourself..... IT'S TOO EARLY!!!! I can't be the only one not ready to see all the apple and pumpkin picking pictures that have already inundated social media and who is even thinking about a DAMN...
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This seems to be happening a lot lately - I'm minding my own business because, you know I feel like I have lived life a little and have seen pretty much everything. Then BOOM!!, you read about this new trend in VACATIONING that has you questioning everything that is normal! Honestly, this is...
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There's Still Time to Visit the 7 Most Amazing Beaches in the World

With a little more than a month left until the official end of summer, there’s still time to hit the beach. And whether you live near the shore or are looking for an end of summer destination, hitting up some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches is probably on everyone’s bucket list. Travel...
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10 U.S. Cities With the Cleanest Hotel Rooms - NEW YORK CITY IS #1
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Germs, They Are EVERYWHERE!!

What is the process for cleaning planes? Do they disinfect between flights, or is it a "good luck" type of thing?
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Elevated train in NYC

ALT 92.3 Travel Advice: Getting to Forest Hills Stadium for Summer Open

It's worthy to note that Forest Hills Stadium has no parking lots, so driving there could be problematic and street/garage parking in the area is limited. In other words, take the train!
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A rendering of a Lilium jet flying over New York City

An Air Taxi Company Just Launched a Five Seat, Self-Flying Air Taxi

We’re a step closer to the future the Jetsons promised us all as the electric air taxi startup Lilium gave a successful liftoff to its five-seat electric jet. Flying cars here we come? As The Verge reported , the Lilium air taxi comes equipped with 36 electric jet engines, which tilt up for takeoff...
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Dubrovnik Croatia

Vacation in Westeros with These ‘Game of Thrones’ Tours

If you’re idea of the happiest place on Earth looks more like King’s Landing than Disneyland, then you’re in luck. Game of Thrones fans looking to use their vacation days to explore the real-life locations sites of the HBO series now have several tours with which to visit Westeros. You’ll want to...
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Dunluce Castle Northern Ireland

Jaw Droppingly Beautiful 'Game of Thrones' Locations You Can Visit in Real Life

Croatia, Spain, Iceland and more stunning locations from Game of Thrones.
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