throwback Thursday


Throwback Thursday: Wax - California

Happy Throwback Thursday! How are you honoring our collective past? Listening to old faves? Dressing out of style? Living in denial that the 1980s were nearly a half century ago? Me? I’m brushing up on Spike Jonze videos a.k.a. masterpieces. This one in particular caught my eye. Maybe it was the...
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Happy Throwback Thursday! This was traditionally the day of the week we’d all give in to the sweet indulgence of nostalgia. Nowadays, Hollywood reboots everything, music recycles it and we post old pics on social just cuz! Well I am a traditionalist gosh darn it! So in the spirit of T-B-T, allow me...
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You ask anybody in any bar ever to name a Lit song, they’re going to yell back “My Own Worst Enemy.” That’s the one that gets all the praise. That’s the one we play. Iconic music video of the guys bowling. I remember first seeing it as a kid and trying to figure out how someone could get their car...
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