Super Mario Bros.

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This Stop Motion Super Mario Video Is Mesmerizing

This is for anyone who has fond memories of playing the original Super Mario Bros. game - or anyone who appreciates creativity, really. Because this stop-motion video, created in a notebook by @KisaragiHutae6 , is both incredibly impressive and lovably nostalgic. Video of Paper Mario Bros. in my...
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Video Games Just Had Their Biggest Sales Year Ever

These numbers are massive. Last year, Americans spent more than $43 billion on video games, consoles and accessories: that's more than the entire WORLD spent at the movies in 2018. Red Dead Redemption 2, Marvel's Spider-Man and Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate were just some of the big sellers...
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There's a New Super Mario Movie Coming

For a guy with limited lives, it sure does look like Nintendo's Mario will live forever. There's a new animated Super Mario Bros. movie in the works, from the same people bringing you the latest take on The Grinch. You maaay remember the last time someone tried to make a movie based on Mario and...
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A Video History of Super Mario Bros.

The other day, I decided that it was extremely important to play the original Super Mario Bros. theme music for my son - for his musical and cultural development, you see. That means YouTube has been recommending video game content for me ever since, and I am NOT MAD ABOUT IT. So I thought I would...
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