There is no doubt that when the summer is over, seasonal depression kicks in because we have to face the fact that going to the beach again, for most, is over 200 days way. Also, along with change of activity comes the change of the drinks we consume. Hard Selzer has been around for a while but...
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Never been much of a Summer guy. It was always kind of boring to me growing up in Jersey. You’d get out of school in late June and have zilch to do until football practice started in early August. I remember a lot of waiting around, wandering my hometown, getting told constantly we couldn’t hang...
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Burgers on the grill

Burgers top the DO NOT GRILL list

There is nothing as quintessentially summer and American as the grill. Cleaning the grill is as true a marker of the start of summer as the opening of the pools. Americans love summer grilling, and when you think of the great American cookout, the first things that come to mind are gonna be hot...
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So, I'm thinking about not drinking for the summer. Not an "oh, I'll still have a beer after work or a glass of wine with dinner" kind of not drinking. I'm talking no drinking. At ALL. "Riiiiiiight." "Why??" "(uncontrollable laughter)." Those are the most common responses I get when I tell people...
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Ceiling Fan

Six Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Sustainably This Summer

With over three-quarters of homes in the U.S. using air conditioning, it’s the most popular way to keep your home cool. Unfortunately, it’s also expensive and can be harmful to the environment.
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Kick Off To Summer

ALT 92.3 Radio's Kick-Off To Summer

It’s our RADIO.COM Memorial Day Weekend Kick-Off To Summer at the Jersey Shore! Join ALT 92.3 at The Headliner in Neptune, New Jersey on Friday, May 24th from 3-7pm.
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Outdoor concert

New York's Best Outdoor Concerts For Summer 2019

Summer is fast approaching and that means a ton of fun in the sun with your favorite bands. From bandshells to boardwalks -- here are some of the must-see outdoor shows to catch this summer in the Tri-State area!
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Last-Minute Summery Fun!

We're just about a week away from The Man telling us Summer is over. However, that still gives us a whole week to cram in as much Summery Fun as humanly possible between now and then! With that in mind, I've made a list of 5 Summery things you need to do before the curtain closes... HEAD TO THE...
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5 Awesome Eco-friendly Water Bottles to Help You Stay Hydrated This Summer

We know to stay active and eat our fruits and veggies in order to get and stay in shape, but many people overlook another important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle: hydration.
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