Tourist Tries Swiping A Twenty To Get On The Subway

New York is hard enough to navigate when you live here, much less for tourists. I'm kidding. It's a simple grid and there's signs everywhere for everything. It's easy. Tourists are dumb.
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subway seats

2020's First Silly Internet Debate: Best Seat On The Subway?

This. All my New Yorkers, which is the best seat? — gabe -- (@gplatinum_) January 1, 2020 Should not even be a question. It's obviously 5, no? #2 is out...middle seat. Definitely not #4 all wedged in with no leg room. #3 features two mouth breathers directly facing you...
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Subway Set to Release a Cheesy Garlic Bread-Scented Diffuser

Cheesy garlic bread is not just for eating anymore. Subway is getting ready to satiate your olfactory nerves by launching a reed diffuser that smells just like their iconic Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread, reported Business Insider. This smells like our kind of Christmas… Top notes of -- Heart notes...
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There Used to Be Bars on the Subway

My life is a series of self discovery that I was simply born too late. I was in Kindergarten when Kid Rock told me to get in the pit and love someone. I don’t know how familiar you are with pits, but there aren’t many in kindergarten. I was eight years old when Limp Bizkit told me to break stuff...
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Get $500 For A Subway Photo!!

Here in NYC we’re use to seeing a dirty subway car every now and then. Well now there’s a transportation union willing to pay for a messy subway photo. $500 to be exact. The reason? The MTA cut 79 cleaner jobs and the union wants them back. So why not help out and earn a little cash on the way!!
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100 minutes of video shot from the front of the A train

Sometimes nice things are just nice. This is one of those times. Great thing to toss on the TV in the background at your apartment this weekend. Video of ⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ NYC Subway Train Operator's Point of View - The A Express to Rockaway Park
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ICYMI: Happy Thanksgiving everybody! @mrnycsubway A post shared by ZEESHAN ALI (@princezee) on Nov 22, 2018 at 11:28am PST Maybe he had nowhere else to go? Meh...I'm thinking "going viral" was his motivation. Guess it worked.
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The subway. A place where you want to spend as little time as possible. Ten minutes is too long, thirty is a lifetime. We rush home because we can't wait to shower off the stench of the unclean. Hotter. The water needs to be hotter. Boil me. So I just can't imagine that this group of ladies thought...
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Subway Car

Subway Platform Temps Hit More Than 100 Degrees

News flash - it's Summer. It's hot. It's humid. It's pretty gross. No matter how much you love the heat, you are quickly reminded of just how not fun it can be whenever you enter what feels like the 8th circle of Hell... aka any subway station. We now have tangible evidence of this thanks to a new...
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