Rich People Get More Sleep on Average: Study

A new survey done by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked nearly 140,000 adults in the United States about their sleep habits, and found that those who made more money, were more likely to get a full night’s rest.
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How to Overcome a Challenging Pandemic Sleep Routine

You might want to think twice before having that nightcap before bed — especially if you’re hoping it will help you sleep better. A neuroscience expert shares tips for those having trouble falling asleep during the pandemic.
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You SHOULD Be Napping!!

Next time you're caught snoozing at your desk, tell your boss you’re doing it to improve your health!!!
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Signs You’re Not Getting Any Sleep...

The average adult gets only 7 hours of sleep, which apparently isn’t long enough. A new survey has come out explaining signs that you’re not getting enough sleep. Some are very obvious, here they are. 1. Yawning all morning. 2. Your productivity slips. 3. You're in a bad mood all day. 4. You hit...
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Hitting the Snooze Button

Snoozing Your Alarm Might Be Bad For Your Brain

If you struggle with sleep like I do, maybe you're in a serious relationship with your snooze button.
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Smart Pajamas

These Smart Pajamas Could Be a Game Changer for Sleep

There's just so much to learn about ourselves through tech!
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Relaxed Woman

Doing This Exercise for 10 Minutes Is Like Sleeping for 44

Getting enough sleep isn't always easy. Those Netflix shows aren't going to binge watch themselves, and what better time to remember when your backpack broke open on the playground in third grade and all the kids laughed and you felt SO embarrassed than bedtime?? If you have a night that's a little...
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Here's a Technique to Fall Asleep in Two Minutes

If you have trouble falling asleep, odds are you've tried a lot of techniques to help.
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