Reebok is releasing two 'Ghostbusters'-inspired sneakers with a proton pack on Halloween

Who you gonna call to snag the Reebok’s new “Ghostbusters” sneakers? On Halloween, Reebok is releasing two sneakers to celebrate the 1984 classic that will take the sneakerhead community by storm. See more now.
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Adidas and Pixar release 'Toy Story' shoe collection

Children will soon be able to blast off in new “Toy Story” inspired shoes. Adidas and Pixar teamed up for a new shoe collection. Read more on when you can purchase these sneakers.
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Sneaker Photo Shows You Which Side of Your Brain Dominates

A photo that has been floating on the internet for about a year and has recently blown up features a shoe that allegedly shows you which side of you brain is dominant.
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How Long Can Coronavirus Survive on Your Shoes?

While it is of the utmost importance to remain vigilant about washing your hands amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also important not to forget about another possible breeding ground for the virus – your shoes.
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Radio Dot Com/Entercom can exclusively confirm that Kevan Kenney got new shoes today. First leaked by Vogue Japan, the news became official when the most electrifying DJ on the radio at 1:30AM strolled into ALT 92.3 today rocking some fly-ass 2001 Osiris D3 sneaks. For those in the upper echelon of...
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Harry Potter

Vans Teases a 'Harry Potter' Collection Is Coming

Get ready to step into the Wizarding World of footwear
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