Person eating meat

Crazy Scientist Thinks Eating People Will Save the Planet!

Last week, people gathered in Sweden for a convention centered around the future of food called GastroSummit. It was at GastroSummit, in Stockholm, that behavioral scientist and marketing strategist Magnus Soderlund from the Stockholm School of Economics gave a presentation titled, “Can You Imagine...
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ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS HOLY S&%T!!! If technology scares you, well prepare to soil your pants! Mind control has never been so high-tech because scientists have created a tiny brain implant that’s able to manipulate brain cell circuits and here's the worst part - The implant is controlled by a...
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Adorable Pets

Pets Are Good For Your Health: It's Science

This is the wholesome news we need in 2019.
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Little scientist

4 Science Experiments Your Kids Can Do With Recyclable Materials

Whether you’re looking for something fun to do on a Saturday or you’re scrambling to help your child complete a school project, there are lots of fun science experiments you can do using recyclable materials.
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Cute Mouse

Enjoy This Video of Mice... In... SPACE

These critters are cute AND weightless!
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Young Adults

Think You're an Adult? Not So Fast, Says Science

Turns out our brains may take longer to reach adulthood than we thought.
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Sesame Street

Did Grover Just Drop the F-BOMB?!

Hearing Grover drop the F-Bomb is maybe one of the funniest things I've come across in 2018 (saving the best for last I guess). When I first came across this last night before bed, I could not stop listening to it. I kept listening trying to figure out what he DID say, because, let's be honest,...
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2018's Weirdest Science and Health News

So many strange science stories: remember some of the best.
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Scientists Think We May Have Encountered An Alien Object

So there's a thing floating around in space called 'Oumuamua' that scientists have been checking out for a while now and to be totally honest, they're not really fucking sure what it is. Basically it's been hanging around in our solar system since late 2017, giving dudes in white coats in labs...
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Human Skull Shaped Asteroid To Whizz Past Earth This Halloween

Now that it's October, we can finally start talking about Halloween stuff without getting the side-eye from your easily annoyed friends. "It's only SEPTEMBER! Let me breathe!" Shut it, Debbie Downer. This is actually pretty spooky for real. An asteroid that resembles a human skull will be whizzing...
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