Viral Kid Says Santa Got Wrong House Cuz He's Been Bad

Were you the kind of kid who would tell Santa he got the wrong house because he'd been bad all year? Not me. I gave Santa nothing but lies. This is an old vid, but it's just now going viral. Kid's definitely a New starts at about 1:25. Video of Kid gets mad at santa for going to the...
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Singing Santa

Holiday Show with Singin' Santa

Holiday Show with Singin' Santa Live holiday bluegrass and country music in a concert setting. At 8 pm, Santa will lead a sing-a-long and will speak to all children attending the show. Saturday, December 14th 7:30 - 11:00 pm Albert Music Hall
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dave grohl

See Dave Grohl Shotgun A Beer With Santa

These "Dave Grohl is so cool" stories will never get old. Dave crashes wedding....Dave lets kid play guitar on stage....Dave saves school bus full of children from plunging over a cliff with his only his mind. Here's the latest: Fan holds sign asking to shotgun beer with Dave....Dave invites him...
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NJ Teacher Tells Kids Santa Isnt Real...

A teacher at Cedar Hill School in New Jersey told a group of 1st Graders that Santa wasn't real... Lets just say the parents are PISSED! LINK TO STORY:
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