Spin the wheel

Bored? Spin the Quarantine Wheel!

Can't figure out what to do? Let the quarantine wheel help you out...
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The Goonies

Watch the Whole Cast of The Goonies, Reunited

Josh Gad reunited the entire cast of The Goonies for epically nostaglic fun.
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Dogs May Face Separation Anxiety Once Coronavirus Lockdown Is Over, Experts Say

Dog experts believe that once the “stay-at-home” restrictions are lifted and things start getting back to normal, many dogs may have “extreme separation anxiety” when the human go back to work. Read more on how to establish a routine.
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Your Dog's Gonna Hate It When This Is All Over

We pray for the day this all ends, but your dog? Even if he could pray, he wouldn't.
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Rivers Cuomo of Weezer

Rivers Cuomo Wants to Zoom With You

Rivers Cuomo is Zooming with fans all week, hanging out with us Brady Bunch style.
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Gerard Way

Gerard Way Announces Free Quarantine Coloring Pages

Gerard Way teamed up with Sara Taylor of Youth Code to bring us rad coloring pages to take our mind off the insanity that is life RN.
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21 Pilots vs. Drake: Better Quarantine Music Video?

Who ya got?
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Men Are Cutting Their Own Hair And It's Not Going Well

Men in lockdown are starting to panic about needing a haircut, and are doing it themselves. Don't.
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