New York: Not As Stressful a City As We Thought?

Between crowded trains full of sweaty commuters, the rent being too darn high, and rats in the sink , it would be understandable if you assumed NYC would make it into the top ten most stressed cities in the country. But you'd be wrong!
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Baby Rat Exits Brooklyn Sink, Enters Nightmares

By Christine Squeamish about rodents? Then you probably don't want to click on this link and see pictures of a baby rat crawling up out of a sink drain in ​Bed-Stuy. The little critter poked its head up on Friday night, stayed long enough to become Twitter famous , and then slunk away back down the...
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Why Take a Train to Work When You Can Paddleboard?

Last week, there were lengthy delays with my PATH train on a morning when I was trying to get into work. Now I know I have options if it happens again. ~Christine
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