NYC skyline

Dream Job Alert....oh and live rent free in Manhattan this summer

Live rent free in Manhattan this summer.....a dream come true!!
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Spring in NYC

#1Thing: Spring Events + Festivals That Support Sustainability in NYC

After a cold, blustery winter, Springtime in New York ushers in nature’s reawakening in the lush parks and beautiful green spaces that city dwellers and visitors can enjoy. There’s no better time to get out and celebrate the Earth than during this blooming, colorful season.
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Tourist Tries Swiping A Twenty To Get On The Subway

New York is hard enough to navigate when you live here, much less for tourists. I'm kidding. It's a simple grid and there's signs everywhere for everything. It's easy. Tourists are dumb.
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Guy Leaving NYC Wants To Sell You His Life Here For $11,000

Pic is the approximate view of apartment and a life that could be yours for less than what you spend per year on Starbucks! (Also approximate.)
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subway seats

2020's First Silly Internet Debate: Best Seat On The Subway?

This. All my New Yorkers, which is the best seat? — gabe -- (@gplatinum_) January 1, 2020 Should not even be a question. It's obviously 5, no? #2 is out...middle seat. Definitely not #4 all wedged in with no leg room. #3 features two mouth breathers directly facing you...
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NYC's Central Park

Our Favorite Eco-Friendly NYC Organizations To Donate To This Season

By Lori Melton The harsh effects of climate change, increased pollution, and overcrowded landfills are threatening the Earth for future generations. Therefore, as a new decade begins, it’s important to do whatever we can to help protect the planet. Thankfully, increased environmental awareness is...
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'Not So Silent Night' Pre-Game: Best Bets For Quick Bites Around Barclays Center

Going to a concert or a sporting event on an empty stomach is never a great idea.
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A solution to the rat problem in the city...Rat Perfume?!?

A couple of weeks ago, I was leaving the studio after my shift and as I was crossing the street, I looked to my right and said "damn.....someone just lost a puppy!" because crossing the street was a creature that was as big as a small dog . As it got closer to me, I realized that it was no dog......
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Shockingly, Millennial Millionaires actually do exist...NYC tops the list!

We have all heard that the generation known as MILLENNIALS are basically ruining everything good society has to offer. If you are confused as to if you fall into that demographic, let me help. According to definition, the oldest millennial is 38 years old and the youngest is, or is turning 23 years...
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The 10 Best Cities For People Addicted To Coffee...New York made the list

Without coffee first thing in the morning, the streets of New York City might look like a zombie apocalypse . It has become the GO TO drink of choice first thing in the morning and let's be honest, without it you might have the productivity of a snail! A few weeks ago, I posted that the way you...
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