Ultimate Spread: Nutella-Themed Hotel Opening Next Year

A new hotel is opening that has the ultimate spread … literally. Taking a page from the Taco Bell handbook , Nutella is opening a hotel where diehard fans of the hazelnut treat can indulge in all it’s creamy deliciousness for the weekend, reported “Good Morning America.” #HotellaNutella is what...
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Costco Has 6.6 Pound Tubs Of Nutella For Sale!!

WTH, 6lbs of NUTELLA!!! What would you even do with it? Like honestly, how long would it take you to get through a 6lb tub of nutella? LOOK AT THIS MADNESS!!
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New York's Nutella Cafe is Finally Open

If the thought of Nutella makes you extremely happy and hungry, then today is a very special day.
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