Kurt Cobain of Nirvana

Hear Kurt Cobain in a Just-Unearthed Nirvana Interview

It was a particularly hot and sweaty evening back in 1989. This relatively unknown band named Nirvana, just signed to Sub-Pop Records and promoting their recently-released debut album "Bleach," had played to a crowd of 10-20 at Maxwells in Hoboken. Afterwards, they trekked back to a tiny apartment...
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Joan Jett performs at the 2nd Annual National Concert Day Show

Joan Jett Is Open To More Shows With Surviving Nirvana Members

Watch "Smells Like Teen Spirit" at Cal Jam
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Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear attend the 2016 Pre-GRAMMY Gala

Dave Grohl Is Open To Nirvana Shows, Talks Foo Fighters "Break"

Nirvana members reunited at Cal Jam earlier this month
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Kurt Cobain

What Happens When 1,000 Musicians Play a Nirvana Tune at the Same Time? So Many Emotions...

So what happens when a thousand musicians play a Nirvana tune at the same time? Well, I just watched this, and man. So many emotions...charged up and tearing up at the same time.
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 Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters performs at Coral Sky Amphitheater

The Nirvana Reunion Happened At Cal Jam

It was speculated last week that Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic were up to something, and many guessed that there was going to be a Nirvana reunion at this weekend's Cal Jam in San Bernardino. Well, it happned, and it was more glorious than you could imagine. The guys played 6 songs after the Foo...
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Joan Jett (C) performs with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic of Nirvana

Nirvana Members May Reunite This Weekend – Who Is The Odds-On Favorite To Sing?

Several favorites will already be at Cal Jam 18
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Smashing Pumpkins performs during the Lollapalooza

'Naked Crisco Twister' Was a Thing That PROBABLY Involved Billy Corgan, DEFINITELY Involved Nirvana

"Man, sure I am glad there wasn't any cameras around when I was doing stupid stuff in the 90's!" We've all heard people say that. Maybe that people is you. I think Billy Corgan was kinda counting on that, too...
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Kurt Cobain from Nirvana performs in Concert on November 14, 1993 at New York Coliseum

This Week In Music - 1991: Nirvana Releases Groundbreaking Album 'Nevermind'

Band's second studio album reprogrammed the 90s
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Nirvana's In Utero Turns 25

It's a special anniversary for the band's third and final studio album.
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Foo Fighers Dave Grohl

WATCH: Dave Grohl Jams On "In Bloom" with Trombone Shorty

Over the weekend, Dave Grohl got behind the kit with Trombone Shorty at Los Angeles' voodoo Threauxdown Festival to jam on "In Bloom" for just the second time since Kurt died.
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