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Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy Are 'Essential Workers,' Says New Zealand Prime Minister

Leaders across the globe are being lauded for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Many have offered support in comfort to their communities in a time of need. One such leader is New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.
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Sea Lion

Sea Lion Slaps Kayaker with an Octopus

Taiyo Masuda, Kyle Mulinder and friends went Kayaking off the coast of New Zealand and maybe stumbled into one of the greatest viral videos EVAR. Seriously. This is the internet at its best. 新しい @gopro #Hero7Black で衝撃映像撮れた---- 4K60fpsの安定化オンで撮ったからここまで驚いて全部撮れてた!こんな楽しいカヤックはじめて!!音声も海とかのガチャガチャ音ないし最高! @...
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