New Year

Sustainable 2020

#1Thing: Our Simple Steps to Being Greener in 2020

Making any kind of change might seem daunting. However, incorporating some eco-friendly practices into your daily routine is easier than you think.
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ALT 92.3's Obligatory End of Decade Countdown - YOUR Top 92 ALT Songs of ALL Time

When you think about your favorite song – doesn’t it take you back to where you first heard it? Or maybe it brings you back to a moment in time you’ll never forget... Let’s relive those feels with your picks during ALT 92.3’s Obligatory End of Decade Countdown!
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Stay Motivated at the Gym with This Awesome Workout Playlist

As the year rolls on, many of those who have made a New Year's resolution to lose weight will begin to find excuses for skipping the gym. Before throwing in the towel, try motivating yourself with this playlist.
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New Years Resolutions

Mental Tricks to Help Keep Your Resolutions

Resolutions fail. It happens. Here are some ways to help you succeed.
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Ben Gibbard - Death Cab For Cutie at Not So Silent Night

ALT Songs About Starting Over To Kick Off 2019 Right

From Death Cab For Cutie to The Crystal Method, Foo Fighters to Jimmy Eat World -- here's a quick look at some songs and videos to help you start the year off on a positive note.
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