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Nine Inch Nails

NIN Surprise-Drops Two New Albums for Free

Nine Inch Nails burned the midnight oil to bring us two new free albums to help keep up somewhat sane during this clearly insane time.
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Travis Barker

A New Tune for a New Week

Check out this new track to kick off the week!
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New Music Friday: Rence - Hate U BTW

Rence drops awesome new song Hate U BTW
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New Lana Del Rey Album Out Next Week

Good news for Lana fans, the Sublime revivalist took to her social media that she will be dropping a brand new album at the start of 2020. If you're confused, let's review. Yes, Lana Del Rey did just drop Norman F'n Rockwell this past year and yes, that record is up for Album of the Year at this...
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Oliver Tree Has Returned with New Anthem "Cash Machine"

From the makers of "Hurt" and the artists behind the uptick in Razor scooter purchases this year, we bring you "Cash Machine."
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New Music Discovery: Zero 9:36 - "Come Thru"

I blog a lot about the definition of alternative and the collission of sound and sensibility that are crucial to the future of the genre. It's an ever-evolving orb of energy that constantly takes on new forms and inhabitants. The latest of which, in my ever so humble opinion, is an artist out of...
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New Music Friday: Lil Peep - "Walk Away As The Door Slams"

Lil Peep passed away two years ago and I often think of how different our playlist at ALT 92.3 would look if he was still around driving music and cutlure today. Today we get the latest posthumous release from the New York native entitled Everybody's Everything. There's 19 tracks in all, but the...
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New CHVRCHES Music Has Arrived

Friends of the station and all around great Alternative act CHVRCHES are back with fresh tunes today. It’s all a part of a new collaboration with video game creator Hideo Kohima’s new project DEATH STRANDING: Timefall which serves as a soundtrack to the accompanying game by the same title. The...
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Let’s keep this short and sweet. This is basically a blog to set up a social post. Just looking to hear what you’re listening to? New? Old stuff? Something you think I’ve never heard of. Lay it on me. Lookin to spice up my playlists. Either drop me a line on the social post or text me at 55701...
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Kevan's Favorite New Songs This Week: Billie Eilish, Cage, AJR

It was an exciting week for new music in the world of alternative as you probably already know given two radio dot com premieres on ALT 923 alone. I thought it’d be cool to compare notes and share my favorite new songs that are out now, so take a look. ~Kevan Kenney
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