New Jersey

Toys R Us

Toys 'R' Us Has Returned to New Jersey!

Welcome back, Geoffrey!
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New Jersey smartest state in america

New Jersey is considered the 'smartest' state in America....Not even kidding

Sometimes, you are going through life thinking you have seen or read it all and then BOOM ....something stops you dead in your tracks. Growing up in New Jersey all my life....and spending a lot of time at the Jersey Shore, I find it hard to believe that NEW JERSEY could be ranked high in a list of...
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Pennywise Doll

A Creepy Pennywise Doll Floated Into Bergen County

Even if you haven't watched or read It, this is horrifying.
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So here's the list . Big 7 Travel ranked America's most friendly states, and NY came in at #50. Which means we're the least friendly. Rude. Impolite. Jersey fared a little better at #46. And? Yes, we do have a lot of assholes around here, but that's only because there's a shitload of people around...
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What Your Diner Order Says About You!

With over 600 Diners in New Jersey alone , you have probably spent a drunken night or two stuffing your face with greasy heaven or maybe have even left the aftermath of a drinking binge in the bathroom. I have a friend who met his wife at one of these joints, but thats a story for a different time...
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Toys R Us

Toys R Us Is Coming Back to New Jersey

Time to unpack that suitcase, Geoffrey!
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Bear rooting through trash

Jersey Dog Takes on a Bear and Wins

I’m pretty sure if I ran into a bear, I’d run the F#$K away.
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Small Plane

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing On New Jersey Beach

The last place you'd expect an airplane to land is on the beach. A small plane made an emergency landing over the weekend (June 1st) on a beach in Ocean City.
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Jersey Shore

The Best Tourist Attractions in All 50 States

According to this list from TripAdvisor, anyway!
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Statue of Liberty

This App Lets You Look Out From the Statue of Liberty's Torch​

Thanks to augmented reality, you can experience a view that no one's seen in 100 years.
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