This summer, NASA and the world celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the moment when humans looked up to the stars and said, “Hold my beer.” The next mission to the moon is being prepared with a 2024 expected launch date. So, NASA has put out the word & want you to throw their choices...
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Cute Mouse

Enjoy This Video of Mice... In... SPACE

These critters are cute AND weightless!
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NASA Paying you to just lay around.

Many times I've wish I could find a way to make money that wouldn't require me to get out of bed...(especially on Mondays). If you can relate, NASA's granting that wish! They wanna pay you to stay in bed! For real! Of course there's a reason for the old saying "be careful what you wish for". They...
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Green Day Celebrates Mars Landing

Welcome To Paradise: Green Day Celebrates NASA's Mars Landing

Why the band felt connected to the mission to the red planet
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