Man Arrested After Trying to Cash Lottery Tickets at Store He Stole Them From

A Florida man lifted 13 different scratch-off lottery tickets from a convenience store while the clerk was distracted. The Clearwater police were informed of the theft, but it didn’t take long to nab the perp, as he was arrested later the same day.
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Man Wins Big on $5 Million Prize Scratch-Off After Playing Lottery in 40 Stores

One lottery player’s persistence paid off when he won millions after an afternoon of scratch-offs. It took the North Carolina man about four hours and 40 stores to track the last remaining top prize of a $5,000,000 Mega Cash scratch-off game.
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Soooo...Mega Millions is actually gonna be Mega Billion this Friday, and no doubt the local news has sent plenty of reporters to plenty of bodegas to ask plenty of people what they'd do with the money if they won.
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