Larry Weinstein

Kevan Forced to Play Dr. Phil, Break Up Fight On-Air

While filling in for Bryce, all hell almost broke loose when my co-host Larry Weinstein and Eric The Good News Guardian got into it. Long story short, the two were partying together last week, Eric invited Larry over. Larry thought he was staying the night but Eric had other plans. Listen for the...
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Kevan's Co-Host Met Lady Gaga Four Years Before Singer Was Born

Back in 1982, four years before Lady Gaga was born - my co-host Larry Weinstein met the pop superstar right here in New York City. A brawl, baseball game, romance, and eventually family followed - this all according to Larry. You truly need to listen for yourself.
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UPDATE: Legal Fate of Kevan's Co-Host REVEALED!

Thursday’s show left us with one of the biggest cliffhangers in the tri-state area, or at the very least - northern New Jersey. Did he? Or didn’t he? If you’re lost, let me catch you up. My co-host Larry Weinstein called in Thursday asking us all to pray for him. Now, a couple of vodka sodas is all...
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