Kevan Kenney


An Alternative Holiday Classic

I don't know about you but every time I've ever heard Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" I have always thought it would sound 1000x better if Marilyn Manson was on vocals. Mariah could maybe come in with a tambourine or even a harmonica on the bridge, but suredly Manson should've taken lead...
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Watch Young Brendon Urie Rock Out to Alanis Morrissette

Tis the season of giving, gifting, drinking, eating...and throwback holiday content! The latest to offer up their serving is Panic at the Disco's Brendon Urie. The Alt icon shared an amazing clip of his younger self totally geeking out over Alanis Morrissette back in the day. It's very timely for...
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of monsters and men

Of Monsters and Men Were in a Ghost Club as Kids

Of all of my many chats backstage last night at Not So Silent Night, I gotta say the most interesting soundbyte I got was “I used to be in a Ghost Club.” That came courtesy of Nanna from Of Monsters and Men. She struggled with her vision as a child and was at a time legally blind. The lack of sight...
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Prep for NSSN with Last Year's Backstage Interviews

It's a bit cliche to talk about how a year has flown by, but 2019 did just that. It's incredible to me that it's already been just about 365 days since Not So Silent Night 2018 - the inaugural holiday bash we throw here in Brooklyn. This year's edition features Mumford and Sons, Cage The Elephant,...
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Bastille Celebrates 2019 with Amazing Mash-Up

What a year for music. I'm sure we can each find stuff we don't like that's out but 2019 has been a hell of a lot better than 2009. I can remember 10 years ago to the last closing of a decade and thinking man, this sh*ts wack. We've come a long way since Metro Station and Owl Cities. Side note:...
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This is the Greatest Thanksgiving Day Performance Ever

Yes it's great to see family. Of course the food is fantastic. Having a couple days off from the job you hate - heaven! Thanksgiving is all of these things but more than anything else it's an opportuntiy for all of us to pay the proper respects to the greatest Thanksgiving Day performance in the...
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Here's What Kevan's Thankful For on the ALT 92.3 Playlist

With Thanksgiving just days away and me being off work tomorrow, I wanted to take this time to share what I was thankful for when it comes to the ALT 92.3 playlist.
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Can You Tell The Difference? Emo vs. Pop

Probably since the moment Nirvana replaced Michael Jackson on the Billboard charts, the world of pop and alternative have been merging into the nearly indecipherable space they both occupy today. In the spirit of this 2019 reality, ALT PRESS has an amazing quiz up testing just how well you can tell...
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music streaming

New Music Discovery: Zero 9:36 - "Come Thru"

I blog a lot about the definition of alternative and the collission of sound and sensibility that are crucial to the future of the genre. It's an ever-evolving orb of energy that constantly takes on new forms and inhabitants. The latest of which, in my ever so humble opinion, is an artist out of...
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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a Total Sham

I am a born and raised son of the garden state. My mom worked in the city since I was the age of 6. I love this city. It is my home. That said, it is with absolutely no remorse whatsoever that I tell you, truthfully, emphatically, passionately that the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a...
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