Kevan Kenney


The Best Pearl Jam Song That Never Made an Album

With the news of their grand return today, I thought I’d share my favorite Pearl Jam song of all time. -Kevan Kenney
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The Most Influential Pop Punk Bands of All Time

Pop Punk. The music of a generation. An 11-year-old me couldn’t get enough of the stuff once MTV2 started spinning "My Friends Over You" by New Found Glory.
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The Problem with Millenials

This is the issue with millenials, coming from a - wait for it - millenial! (allegedly) Now, I say allegedly not because local law enforcement is searching a millenial matching my very physical description for a crime I in no way committed or have any helpful information about - I say allegedly...
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WATCH: Full My Chemical Romance Reunion Concert

If you weren't among the lucky couple thousand who got to experience it live, My Chemical Romance's reunion concert is now available to watch from the convenience of whatever the hell you're reading this on right now.
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New Lana Del Rey Album Out Next Week

Good news for Lana fans, the Sublime revivalist took to her social media that she will be dropping a brand new album at the start of 2020. If you're confused, let's review. Yes, Lana Del Rey did just drop Norman F'n Rockwell this past year and yes, that record is up for Album of the Year at this...
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Christmas Doesn't Start Until Limp Bizkit Says So

Limp Bizkit was relatively quiet in the 2010s, but are ending with a bang. The group reunited for a show at LA's Roxy earlier this month and as always, did not dissappoint. In addition to their lengthy, deep cut heavy set, Fred Durst dressed up as Santa and treated the sold out crowd to a cover the...
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Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a "Creep"

Meet the Radiohead - "Creep" mashup you never saw coming - for good reason! Although Thom Yorke may have never looked this merry!
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Phil Collins Dance Party Breaks Out in NYC

I get asked a lot why don’t I move to LA. The clip at the bottom of this blog is a prime example as to why. New York City rules and is home to the great folks on planet earth. Everyone knows Phil Collins rules. I became a man at 7 years old the first time I heard You’ll Be In My Heart off the...
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The Only Weezer Cover You'll Ever Need

Oh sure, in just a few moments with just a standard few terms typed into your search bar, you could find yourself an array of covers for your favorite band. Child Prodigys. Angsty teens in their bedrooms. Aspiring creatives at their first gigs. Even fellow artists get in on the action from time to...
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Oliver Tree Has Returned with New Anthem "Cash Machine"

From the makers of "Hurt" and the artists behind the uptick in Razor scooter purchases this year, we bring you "Cash Machine."
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