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Can You Tell The Difference? Emo vs. Pop

Probably since the moment Nirvana replaced Michael Jackson on the Billboard charts, the world of pop and alternative have been merging into the nearly indecipherable space they both occupy today. In the spirit of this 2019 reality, ALT PRESS has an amazing quiz up testing just how well you can tell...
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New Music Discovery: Zero 9:36 - "Come Thru"

I blog a lot about the definition of alternative and the collission of sound and sensibility that are crucial to the future of the genre. It's an ever-evolving orb of energy that constantly takes on new forms and inhabitants. The latest of which, in my ever so humble opinion, is an artist out of...
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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a Total Sham

I am a born and raised son of the garden state. My mom worked in the city since I was the age of 6. I love this city. It is my home. That said, it is with absolutely no remorse whatsoever that I tell you, truthfully, emphatically, passionately that the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a...
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Kevan Kenney & Eric the Good News Guardian

LISTEN: Eric the Good News Guardian Serenades NJ Man On Air

What we do at ALT 92.3 is a public service. Every Friday, in honor of that, Kevan Kenney offers free serenades. You call us between 6 and 10 PM with whatever you’re going through and his cast of characters will come up with a custom serenade to help get you through the night.
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New Music Friday: Lil Peep - "Walk Away As The Door Slams"

Lil Peep passed away two years ago and I often think of how different our playlist at ALT 92.3 would look if he was still around driving music and cutlure today. Today we get the latest posthumous release from the New York native entitled Everybody's Everything. There's 19 tracks in all, but the...
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Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers In the RADIO.COM Theater

Flea Picks His Favorite Chili Peppers Song of All Time

Flea’s catalog with the Chili Peppers goes back four decades. Sure, the guy on the street is probably going to cite "Under The Bridge" as their favorite track, but what song does Flea think sums up the band?
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Flea with Kevan Kenney in the RADIO.COM Theater

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea Reveals His Favorite New Artist

When Flea stopped by to chat his new book, Kevan Kenney was eager to get his thoughts if there were any artists today that he particularly enjoyed.
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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Martin of Coldplay on the Meaning Behind 'Orphans' and Dealing With Super Bowl Critics

There’s a certain urgency to “Orphans,” the first glimpse released from Coldplay ’s upcoming eighth studio album, Everyday Life . In the jubilant crowd that fills the song, bursting bright from the speakers, there’s a determined voice that leads the way. The song was the last addition to Everyday...
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Flea visits the RADIO.COM Theater

EXCLUSIVE: Flea Reveals Differences With Anthony Kiedis That Make Red Hot Chili Peppers Work

The bassist’s new memoir ‘Acid for the Children’ is out now
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The Performance That Made Counting Crows

I was hanging out with Adam Duritz yesterday and our conversation turned to the start of the Crows career. I foolishly asked what broke Mr. Jones. Adam quickly corrected me - Mr. Jones, the band’s longest lasting cultural touchstone, wasn’t even the track that made them rich and famous. That honor...
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