Burger King Whopper

Free Burger King Whoppers for Bronx Residents Thanks to the Joker Stairs

Free food = happy face.
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Smiling Joaquin Phoenix

Time to Dance Down Some Steps: Joker Sequel Allegedly Confirmed

To quote the freshly Grammy-nominated Billie Eilish: duh.
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Giant LEGO Batmobile

A Sweet New LEGO Batmobile Is on Its Way

Full disclosure: your LEGO Batmobile won't look like that one.
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Joker Billboard

Now That Joker is a Hit - Will There Be a Sequel?

An interview with Joaquin Phoenix has signs pointing to yes.
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Joaquin Phoenix

Did You Know: Joaquin Phoenix Could Have Been Batman

We're just hours away from Joaquin Phoenix's Joker being unleashed upon the world, but in a different universe, 20 years ago: he could have been Batman. PLOT TWIST. Today NME revisited an interview with director Darren Aronofsky from a few years back, where he talked about his ahead-of-its-time...
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Joaquin Phoenix attends the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival

SCREENSHOTS: Watch Joaquin Phoenix in Disturbing 'Joker' Trailer

The movie is due in theaters this fall
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