Brown egg

The Egg Photo That Broke the Instagram Record Apparently Has a Much Bigger Meaning

In a cryptic announcement made through a Hulu episode titled “The Reveal,” the true meaning of our lil egg friend was unveiled.
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Kylie Jenner x Travis Scott

There's a New "Most Liked" Picture on Instagram

Sorry Stormi and Kylie Jenner, there's a new number one on the gram
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Give the Gift of Instagram Followers

Instagram has more than 1 billion users worldwide. Lots of us rely on it for distraction all day long. And if you know someone who loves Instagram but isn't feeling the love back - as far as likes go - then this might be the perfect gift. It's an online Instagram Master Class , and it promises to...
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To Encourage More Use, Instagram To Allow Sharing with Fewer People

Keep your friends close ... and your close friends closer?
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Top 5 Instagram-able Spots Around Barclays Center

By Mario McKellop With its hosting awesome events like ALT 92.3’s Not So Silent Night happening on Dec. 6 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, a lot of people will be heading to Brooklyn this season. But people shouldn’t just go to the venue and then hop in an Uber once an event is over. BK visitors...
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I'm not the jealous type. I'm really not. I'm always very happy when others get promoted, when they make a ton of money, when the hottest thing in the bar talks to them and not me. Had years of practice on that one. Regardless, whenever friends succeed, I'm thrilled. Except... Famous pets. I am...
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Wanna Rule Instagram? Here's Some Expert Advice

Wanna be Instagram famous? Or at least get some more likes and comments? Here's a list of ways to improve your IG feed from a professional photographer. A lot of it's technical advice that's helpful for someone who doesn't take pictures for a living. She also recommends choosing a theme for your...
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Man Scrolling Through Phone

How Much Time Do You Really Spend on Facebook?

Hands up if you've ever caught yourself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram even when you KNOW you don't really want to. Now both platforms are giving us ways to learn exactly how much time we spend using them. You'll be able to view the new tools in the Settings of both apps: it's...
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Thom Yorke of Radiohead

Thom Yorke + Michael Stipe = Instagram Magic!

Thom Yorke stopped by Michael Stipe's new art exhibit in Brooklyn, and now I'm imagining them pursuing all sorts of wildly creative projects together. ~Christine
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Instagram Is Making Changes to How It Shows You Posts from Your Friends

You complained, and Instagram listened. The popular social media app says it will make changes to its algorithm-based feed. Yes, your photo feed is about to return to more of a chronological feed, instead of that algorithm-feed, which never seemed to show you the photos you wanted to see. The...
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