Company Says There Won't Be Holiday Peeps Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

If you’re a person who loves, loves, loves Peeps - you know the spongy marshmallow treats around the holidays - you’re in for a shock. See the details.
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Disney World Will Still Be a Christmas Destination, But 2 Major Events Are Canceled

If you have visited Walt Disney World during the holidays, then you definitely know it is the most magical place on earth. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2 major events have been canceled.
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‘LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special’ Heading to Disney+

May the force be with your holidays. Disney+ is getting into the yuletide spirit by traveling to a galaxy far, far away via the upcoming “‘LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special.”
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Hotel Room

The dirtiest part of a hotel room...and NO it's not the bathroom

The holidays are the season of giving and the season to travel . According to AAA , more than a record-breaking 115 million people are expected to travel for the holidays; some staying with family but many checking into hotels. Let's face it....staying healthy and germ free as you travel is not as...
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Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a "Creep"

Meet the Radiohead - "Creep" mashup you never saw coming - for good reason! Although Thom Yorke may have never looked this merry!
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Arby’s Has MEAT Wrapping Paper...

I’ve seen tons, I mean tons, of different wrapping paper -- but this might take the cake for strangest.
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Wrapping paper

#1Thing: Finding Ways To Reduce Waste On Holiday Gifts

Food waste, plastic shopping bags, wrapping paper, gift bags, packaging, and bows account for an extra 1 million tons of waste each week during the busy gift-giving season.
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Rockefeller Center

Street closures near Rockefeller Center for the holidays...aka A NIGHTMARE

I'll say it until I'm blue in the face.... NEW YORK CITY is the BEST place IN THE WORLD to celebrate the holidays!! From the amazing window displays to the Rockefeller Center Tree and oh yeah the smell of those peanuts cooked in sugar that you can buy at any corner.... where else would you wanna be...
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A 'Buddy The Elf' themed hotel suite exists.....right here in NYC

Let's talk christmas!! There is no doubt that New York City is the best place in the WORLD to celebrate the holidays.....from the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree to the window displays .....its just AMAZING and MAGICAL !!!! Let's talk Christmas movies!! One of the best christmas movies, in my...
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Looking for cheap holiday flights....Two more 'deal zones' left in 2019

If you are like me, you cannot believe that the holidays are here, ALREADY! A few of the things that remind us of that is, ONE ....the clocks fall back and it gets dark earlier, seasonal depression sets in because it's dark at 4 in the afternoon... TWO ....Our second annual NOT SO SILENT NIGHT is...
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