Here's what you can find in 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' advent calendar

As the fall weather slowly trickles in, you’re probably feeling the urge to pull out all of your Halloween decorations. Here is how you can buy a ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ advent calendar.
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CDC recommends virtual Thanksgiving to help slow the spread of COVID-19

While families begin to prepare for Thanksgiving, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released guidance on how to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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You can now buy a giant bottle of boozy eggnog at Costco

While at a holiday party, you may be the person who either loves or hates eggnog. Well, you can now buy a giant bottle of boozy eggnog at Costco.
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Amazon Is Selling a 'Friends' Advent Calendar

While 2020 may have not been your favorite year, ‘Friends’ fans can look forward to something at the end of this year. Amazon is selling a ‘Friends’ Advent calendar.
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Instagram Top 9 Allows You to Look Back on Your Best Photos of 2019

It’s the final day of 2019. While anxiously awaiting the new decade, social media users are embracing a viral trend that allows them to look back at the previous year (and decade!) to see just how much things have changed. Ahead of the New Year’s Eve celebrations, two viral social media trends have...
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Miller Offering Free Low-Alcohol Beer to Those Participating in 'Dry-ish January'

Miller wants to help you with your “Dry January” goals! Instead of swearing off alcohol completely in the month of January, Miller64 is encouraging a happy medium with its “Dry-ish January” campaign. “Dry-ish January is a month-long phenomenon that allows you to put your own spin on the Dry January...
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A Guide to Netflix's 2019 Original Christmas Movies

When it comes to holiday movies, there’s a lot to choose from, but Netflix has a robust catalog that never disappoints. In 2019 alone, Netflix added a handful of original holiday films to their already-impressive film collection. From the streaming service that normalized, nay, encouraged binge-...
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Christmas Doesn't Start Until Limp Bizkit Says So

Limp Bizkit was relatively quiet in the 2010s, but are ending with a bang. The group reunited for a show at LA's Roxy earlier this month and as always, did not dissappoint. In addition to their lengthy, deep cut heavy set, Fred Durst dressed up as Santa and treated the sold out crowd to a cover the...
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Dill Pickle

Nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ like a pickle flavored…Candy Cane? They're back

If you are one of those people that truly love to try new food items ... YOU ARE IN LUCK!!!! More specifically...if you enjoy candy canes and dill pickles ....the holidays just got that much better for you. A few years ago a company put out a Dill Pickle flavored Candy Canes that people were sure...
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Dwayne Johnson Launches New Line of Ice Cream for the Holidays

You can smell what The Rock is cooking and it’s ice cream! Dwayne Johnson has joined forces with Salt & Straw to unveil a new line of holiday-themed ice creams that also pay homage to his seasonal altar ego, Dwanta Claus. View this post on Instagram Jingle bell ROCK -- Our Dwanta Claus Holiday...
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