Mushrooms Might Actually Be Magic... For Your Brain

Mushrooms: more than meets the eye. At least according to a new study.
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2018's Weirdest Science and Health News

So many strange science stories: remember some of the best.
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Make a workout plan

Not Exercising is Worse For You Than Diabetes, Smoking, and Heart Disease

I will admit, I am naturally a slug. Back in elementary school, I used to fail gym. My ideal day off involves copious napping. If I had to pick a spirit animal, it would probably be a sloth. YOU GET THE IDEA. However, a new study published Friday in the journal JAMA Network Open has come to the...
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How Much You Need to Walk to Improve Your Health

It doesn't take much time at all to reap the benefits of walking.
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Fly The Friendly Skies... Just Don't Touch Anything

Things you can't touch: Doorknobs, toilet seats, subway poles, shopping carts, your cellphone, keys....others. Now added to that list? Those bins you put your stuff in at the airport!
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Here's a Technique to Fall Asleep in Two Minutes

If you have trouble falling asleep, odds are you've tried a lot of techniques to help.
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All The Bread

Low-Carb Diets Could Be Shortening Your Life...

I don’t care who you are, America’s war against wheat and carbs has probably hit you. Low-carb and gluten-free fads are all the rage. BUT. There’s a new study out that suggests that low-carb diets can actually SHORTEN YOUR LIFE. Seriously. The Lancet Public Health followed 15,400 people for an...
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Fruity Cereal Balls

Dragon’s Breath Cereal Is Darwinism At Work.

First, there were Tide pods, then, the Hot Water Challenge, now a new trend has emerged...”Dragon’s Breath Cereal”. It's basically fruity cereal puffs coated in liquid nitrogen. This way, when you eat it, it allows you to exhale vapor that makes it appear like you are breathing smoke. Sounds...
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5 Awesome Eco-friendly Water Bottles to Help You Stay Hydrated This Summer

We know to stay active and eat our fruits and veggies in order to get and stay in shape, but many people overlook another important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle: hydration.
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