Dan Reynolds Hits Dave Grohl-Level Cool With Lucky Kids

This is awesome . So Dan Reyonlds is out trick-or-treating with his kids on Halloween in Vegas, when he comes upon a group of kids jamming in their driveway. They recognize him, (swallowed hard) and asked him if he would jam with them! They're called Streetfolkband, by the way. Maybe Dan can help...
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7 Facts You Didn’t Know About 'Nightmare Before Christmas'

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" may be a holiday classic, but even the most devoted viewers who watch the film every year at Christmas (or Halloween … or both) may not know a lot of the film’s more interesting factoids. There are a lot of misconceptions about Tim Burton’s twisted masterpiece and a...
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Pamela Anderson Faces Backlash for Native American Halloween Costume

Pamela Anderson’s Halloween costume is getting a lot of boos. The 52-year-old was slammed after sharing two photos wearing a Native American headdress on Twitter, reported People . Happy Halloween -- pic.twitter.com/K2pvI3FxCe — Pamela Anderson (@pamfoundation) October 31, 2019 “Happy Halloween,”...
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Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Terrifying Footage of Latest 'Halloween' Sequel

Michael Myers is back! Jamie Lee Curtis gave “Halloween” fans the ultimate treat to celebrate the spooky holiday, a sneak peek at the upcoming sequel “Halloween Kills,” reported Entertainment Weekly . View this post on Instagram ‘Tis the season..... to start screaming. First look at the mayhem...
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10 Thrilling Celebrity Halloween Costumes

You know what time is it. It's the day after Halloween where we all get to see the best celebrity costumes! Celebrities love Halloween just as much as we do, and lots of fan favorites celebrate the holiday with some of the most creative costumes. Here are some celebrities who slayed the Halloween...
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House of Yes Halloween Horrorvaganza

Watch the The finest, fittest and most ferocious performers fight for their lives within this multigenre clusterfuck. This monstrosity of a show will leave you equally entertained and confused. We guarantee you will be more turned on than terrified, and more entertained than confused.
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Howl-O-Ween Spooktacular

Attend by yourself, with your friends, even bring your dog! Enjoy specialty punch, beer and wine and some sweet snacks for both you and your dog. Participate in a costume contest for your chance at Best in Show! Enjoy our photobooth, crafts and more at this Halloween event you and your dog will...
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Adam Sandler

Halloween TBT: Adam Sandler's Last-Minute SNL Costumes

Look at me! I'm Pointing Yankees Fan! Now gimme some candy!
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People Watching Scary Movies

Halloween Movies for People Who Don't Like to Be Scared

You have plenty of choices that won't cause nightmares.
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A Headbanging Halloween Throwback

Back before YouTube, back before the internet, hell back before I was a thought in either of my parents' respective minds - there was a show called MTV’s Head Bangers Ball. Think of it as your favorite Alternative playlist on Spotify. From what I’m told you would have to stay up late to catch the...
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