Is "Friends" Better Than "Seinfeld"? The Great Debate of 2019!!!

I get it sometimes you are sitting around bored and just think of some really crazy, unimportant things and this is surely one of them. This is being called one of the great Twitter debates of our time, which erupted in response to the question, "Which is better: Friends or Seinfeld ?" Let's be...
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'Friends' Is Heading to Movie Theaters for Its 25th Anniversary

The closest thing to a “Friends” movie is happening next month. In honor of the 25 th anniversary of the iconic show’s premiere, several episodes of the NBC series will be shown in theaters across the country on three nights, according to Entertainment Weekly . Entitled " Friends 25th: The One With...
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LEGO Unveils 'Friends' Set for Show’s 25th Anniversary

The cast of “Friends” has officially gone to pieces … LEGO pieces! In honor of the show’s upcoming 25th anniversary, the toy company has revealed they will be launching a 1079-piece commemorative set inspired by the iconic NBC series, according to E! . Could we BE any more excited to build Central...
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Friends Celebrating

Friends Pop-Up to Launch in Manhattan in September

It wouldn't be a true celebration of the 25th anniversary of Friends if New York wasn't involved.
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Friends Furniture

Pottery Barn to Sell Friends-Inspired Furniture

I remember exactly where I was and who I called the night Ross and Rachel first kissed (my childhood basement/my friend Mike). I occasionally yell "we were on a break!" and "PIVOT!" And any time I see the phrase "the one with," I think fondly of Friends episode titles. It's been fifteen years since...
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1999 Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt Le Blanc, Lisa Kudrow, And David Schwimmer Star In The Latest Season Of "Friends."

'Friends' Says Goodbye to Netflix, Hello to HBO Max

'Friends' says goodbye to Netflix as it moves to HBO.
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Well, the headline isn't entirely accurate. One might call it click bait. Truth is, HALF of your friends don't like you . And worse, they really don't even consider you their friend at all. Video of Tommy Boy (What'd Ya Do?) Probably nothing. Turns out we're just bad at judging who our...
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Could he BE wearing any more clothes?

Remember this classic "Friends" scene? Video of Joey puts on all Chandler's clothes I used to figure Joey was wearing 100 or so shirts there, but I realize now that was an asinine guess. It was way less than that. I know that because this awesome guy just set a world record for wearing 260...
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