The Best Time To Book Flights Is NOW!!

According to MSN the best time to book your Holiday tickets are today and tomorrow!! They got this info from some Triple A data that shows consistant cheaps rates on this exact date for the past 3 years!! Today (Sept 24th) and tomorrow are the best days to book your dreaded flights for Thanksgiving...
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Best Time to Book flights for THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS

You might driving around in your town and are already seeing HALLOWEEN decorations, thinking to yourself..... IT'S TOO EARLY!!!! I can't be the only one not ready to see all the apple and pumpkin picking pictures that have already inundated social media and who is even thinking about a DAMN...
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Flying sucks, but having a plane to yourself might make things a little better. It happened to this Vincent Peone guy on a flight to Salt Lake City. Only guy on the flight. Apparently, Salt Lake City sucks, too. Best part was the flight attendant still making the announcements like she had a full...
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