Gucci selling denim overalls with 'grass stain effect' for $1,400

The high-end fashion brand is selling “strategically stained” denim overalls for the $1,400 on their website. Read more about the ‘grunge vibe’-inspired look on RADIO.COM.
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Joe Exotic Underwear Collection Will Debut on September 7th

Joe Exotic is launching an underwear line next week. The brand offers options for men and women, and they will debut on the two-year anniversary of his arrest. Find out how you can buy now.
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Vogue to Honor Canceled Met Gala with Special Livestream featuring Florence + The Machine

The first Monday in May is usually reserved for the biggest night in fashion. But like most events, this year the annual star-studded Met Gala was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Peeps and Crocs Offer Spring-Inspired Treat for Your Feet With New Collab

Spring is almost here. Are you in need for a new pair of Crocs? Just in time for the Spring season and Easter, you’re in luck because Peeps and Crocs just did a collaboration.
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Denim jeans on a rack

#1Thing: Sustainable Date Night Chic and Where to Shop

As you shop, it’s also important to consider the impact of fashion on the planet. Many people may not realize, for example, that over 8.9 million tons of used clothing and footwear was landfilled in the U.S. in 2017. Fortunately, lots of designers offer eye-catching sustainable date night chic...
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Forget fanny packs … Seems one of this fall’s hottest trends will be NECK PURSES!!!! Video of Ryan Reynolds - But Why That’s right, look for people to be wearing tiny handbags around their neck – like jewelry. In every style - from pouches to tiny clutches - necklace bags are already littering...
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Fashion Show

Fashion on the Hudson Runway Show

Fashion on the Hudson Runway Show Fashion on the Hudson features the Fashion Industry Finest Independent Designers, showcasing their latest collections. We present models of all sizes, heights and ages to reflect the real world of fashion. There is a free fashion show after party if you are over 18...
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Sustainable Clothing

5 Clothing and Accessories Companies That Practice Sustainability

Many people might think wearing sustainable clothing and accessories means sacrificing style. However, with increased intention in protecting the planet, it turns out many fashion brands are offering eco-friendly designs – and they look great.
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Ralph Lauren shows Polo shirts made from recycled plastic bottles

Earth, Meet Polo: Ralph Lauren Unveils Plastic Bottle Shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren on Thursday launched a version of its iconic polo shirt made entirely of recycled plastic bottles and dyed through a process that uses zero water.
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Damn. How stupid would you feel? Video of Payless genius marketing scheme tricks luxury shoe shoppers " classy." LOL Not that they're not all those things, but c'mon. The Associated Press LOS ANGELES (AP) — Payless taught fashion influencers a lesson about shoes by...
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