What's actually in a Pumpkin Spice latte? Is there even Pumpkin?

Tis' the season for everything PUMPKIN . Pumpkin flavored foods and drinks are everywhere you look right now, and it's easy to forget that pumpkin is actually a nutritious fruit. Not to get all scientific but it is an excellent source if Vitamin A (which is important for eye health) , Vitamin C (...
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Fall Flavored EVERYTHING!!

It’s the season of the pumpkin. Pumpkin spice this, pumpkin spice that, pumpkin spice condoms... Well maybe. The website DELISH has just published an article of the most Fall foods ever and there’s over 60 of them. Things like pumpkin flavored humus, pumpkin marshmallows and even pumpkin pie...
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These are the 10 most anticipated fall movies! DO YOU AGREE?

Well, sadly summer is over and seasonal depression is about to kick in, for some. For others, they are happier that a pig in s#&t because there kids are back to school. Either way, beach visits decrease, unless you are CANE (from the morning show) , and you are most likely looking for local...
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10 Reasons We're Looking Forward To FALL!!

Another day, another survey . This time there was a survey done to see why people LOVE Fall. I feel like summer just started though, and if its fall that means WINTER is COMING!!! And no one has got time for that. Oh well, here's what the survey says ... 1. The change in the weather, 44% 2...
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There is no question that this summer's heat has been brutal, especially if you aren't a fan of swamp ass . ( and really who the hell is?!? ) Video of Swamp Butt Medical Course Surprisingly, some people are sad that summer is starting to taper off, but there are many who are excited for the cooler...
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Apple cider. Orange, christmas.

Get a Taste of Our Favorite Fall Drinks & Cocktails

Everyone wants to try a Mama Say, Mama Sa, Mi-Mamosa!
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