All the Dogs

Dog Lovers Museum to Return to New York

Like dogs? How about museums? What about a museum ALL ABOUT DOGS? This year, all your dreams come true. The American Kennel Club's Museum of the Dog was born in Manhattan in the 80s, but it's been in the midwest for more than three decades. Now, it's set to make a grand return to midtown next month...
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Scientists Suggest Dogs Aren't That Smart, Internet Decides Scientists Are The Worst

Study claims dogs are not that "exceptional"
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Netflix Knows What You Want: A Documentary Series About Dogs

Maybe the best thing ever to happen to Netflix
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North Shore Animal League America Helps ALT 92.3 Unwrap 'Not So Silent Night' Artists

I learned something on Monday. It's hard to get a puppy to do what you want it to do. Yes, I probably should have known this already, but man, was it fun!
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