Your Dog's Gonna Hate It When This Is All Over

We pray for the day this all ends, but your dog? Even if he could pray, he wouldn't.
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Unicorn Puppy? Look At This Dog With a Tail On Its Head!

A tiny puppy by the name of Narwhal was adopted from a shelter recently and is growing a second tail out of the middle of its head.
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As an animal lover, there is NO DOUBT that I would give my left arm to make sure my puppy is happy. I'm sure this is the opinion of millions who consider their pets, FUR CHILDREN !
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New York and New Jersey hate pets...

Recently WalletHub put together a list of the LEAST pet friendly cities in America and surprise surprise cities in both NY and NJ ended up on the list. Apparently Buffalo in super pet UNfriendly and so is Newark. The basis of scoring went along with things like the amount of dog parks, vet costs,...
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The dog days of summer are here - pun intended. August is always a hot one in the tri-state. Alright, that's an understatement. The swamps of Jersey border on the depths of hell temperature wise. Some of us put up with it, others like this pooch say absolutely not! Serious question though - is this...
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Bear rooting through trash

Jersey Dog Takes on a Bear and Wins

I’m pretty sure if I ran into a bear, I’d run the F#$K away.
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Dogs And Fireworks

It’s that time of year, the day that dogs run away from home because of the fireworks!! Make sure your fur buddy is taken care of this holiday, while they don’t make doggie Xanax they do make a snug doggie jacket that’s supposed to reduce anxiety (link below). Don’t let your dog become a statistic...
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Smiling Dog

Is Your Dog Really Smiling at You?

Full disclosure: I'm a cat lady. But I know and love a lot of dogs!
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New Study Finds Dogs Resemble Their Human's Personality

An extremely fascinating new study was just conducted with more than 1,600 dogs and their humans to see if they share personality traits. Anddddd science says... they do! There are still a lot of unknowns here, but it would seem that "Part of it is the dog you pick, and part of it is the dog it...
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How Long Should Dogs Be Left Alone?

Dog specialests say dogs shouldnt be left alone for more than 3 to 4 hours. They say most dogs, like people, need and want company. BUT, if your dog has been left alone for longer times as a puppy, then it will be use to being alone longer as an adult. LINK TO ARTICLE
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