Want to live longer? Get a Dog

There is no doubt that the love of a DOG is unconditional because they could care less how you dress , how you smell , how many social media followers you have .... YOU GET THE DRIFT!! If you provide them shelter, water and food you are a GOD in the eyes of your four-legged friend!! Video of The...
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Tik Tok is a Nightmare

Our boss has been on us to do more TikTok content, which is fair. The social media platform is largely seen as the next big wave in 21st century creative and has proven a hot bed for breaking music over the past 12-18 months. But, I’m sorry. I’m not doing it. Sometimes in a man’s life, that man has...
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The dog days of summer are here - pun intended. August is always a hot one in the tri-state. Alright, that's an understatement. The swamps of Jersey border on the depths of hell temperature wise. Some of us put up with it, others like this pooch say absolutely not! Serious question though - is this...
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My Dog Keeps Pissing On The Couch...

I’m having a code red emergency at home. My damn dog won’t stop PISSING on the couch. No matter how many times I take this damn dog out to pee she still wants to pee on the COUCH! I’ve gone through bottle after bottle of Febreeze, yet still, I have a pee pee couch. Any tip? Email me. CoreyB@...
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Video Game Dog

New Twitter Account Tracks Which Dogs You Can Pet in Video Games

Finally someone is answering the real questions
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