Viral Kid Says Santa Got Wrong House Cuz He's Been Bad

Were you the kind of kid who would tell Santa he got the wrong house because he'd been bad all year? Not me. I gave Santa nothing but lies. This is an old vid, but it's just now going viral. Kid's definitely a New starts at about 1:25. Video of Kid gets mad at santa for going to the...
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Christmas Doesn't Start Until Limp Bizkit Says So

Limp Bizkit was relatively quiet in the 2010s, but are ending with a bang. The group reunited for a show at LA's Roxy earlier this month and as always, did not dissappoint. In addition to their lengthy, deep cut heavy set, Fred Durst dressed up as Santa and treated the sold out crowd to a cover the...
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Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a "Creep"

Meet the Radiohead - "Creep" mashup you never saw coming - for good reason! Although Thom Yorke may have never looked this merry!
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no penis

Woman Upset With Neighbors Christmas Lights Because Penis

Nothing says Merry Christmas like erecting a big, lighted penis on your roof, amirite?
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Are You Giving Someone A "Hint" Gift This Year?

Apparently a lot of people plan on giving "hint" gifts this year. Like the dude in the Peleton ad! That whole thing was so dumb, but I digress... For example, 36% of people surveyed are gonna give their smelly partner deodorant or perfume this year. Really? You're gonna give someone a stick of...
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Christmas Lights

Christmas in Greenwich

50th Annual Christmas in Greenwich You are invited to join us and celebrate our 50th Anniversary of "Christmas in Greenwich." Enjoy self-guided tours of private homes, religious and historic sites and local museums. All buildings will be decorated for the holiday season! Sunday, December 8th 12:00...
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Rockefeller Center

Street closures near Rockefeller Center for the holidays...aka A NIGHTMARE

I'll say it until I'm blue in the face.... NEW YORK CITY is the BEST place IN THE WORLD to celebrate the holidays!! From the amazing window displays to the Rockefeller Center Tree and oh yeah the smell of those peanuts cooked in sugar that you can buy at any corner.... where else would you wanna be...
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A 'Buddy The Elf' themed hotel suite exists.....right here in NYC

Let's talk christmas!! There is no doubt that New York City is the best place in the WORLD to celebrate the holidays.....from the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree to the window displays .....its just AMAZING and MAGICAL !!!! Let's talk Christmas movies!! One of the best christmas movies, in my...
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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a Total Sham

I am a born and raised son of the garden state. My mom worked in the city since I was the age of 6. I love this city. It is my home. That said, it is with absolutely no remorse whatsoever that I tell you, truthfully, emphatically, passionately that the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a...
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Bring on the 'Adult' Advent Calendar filled with.......BEER

First I want to say that...... THE HOLIDAYS JUST GOT BETTER because THIS......IS......AMAZING!! Even though we’re not at Halloween yet, is it too early to talk about the "C" word? - I'm talking about CHRISTMAS! I say, it's never too early since Santa is coming in less than 85 DAYS (countdown clock...
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