As an animal lover, there is NO DOUBT that I would give my left arm to make sure my puppy is happy. I'm sure this is the opinion of millions who consider their pets, FUR CHILDREN !
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Cats Know Their Name and Ignore You Anyway: Study

If you ever thought your cat was being aloof because it didn’t know its own name when you called them then you are in for quite the shock. A new study has found that our feline friends can actually distinguish their names from other sounds, so your kitty may just be ignoring you when you call for...
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Meowmania Cuddle a cadre of kittehs at Meowmania, a fête and fundraiser for feline fanatics. Expect a broad array of activities and treats, including tons of cat swag, flash "cattoos," cat-themed-outfit contests, selfies with kittens, and of course, furry friends available for adoption. The fluffy...
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Surprised Cat

The Purrfect Socks For Looking Like Your Cat

Sure hope you're not allergic to cat puns.
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Cat on a Glass Table

Cats on Glass Tables: Internet Gold

Cat pictures are the foundation on which the house of the internet is built. Whether they're grumpy or love cheeseburgers or like to fling themselves into boxes, cute kitties are an online time wasting staple. Video of Maru! But you didn't come here for any of THOSE cats, you came here for cats on...
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Take Some Naps With Cats, and YOU TOO Can Go Viral Like This Guy

It's 2018 and anything is possible! Seriously. Anything. Like, you can go viral for...napping. There's a little more to it, but still.
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Look at These Cats in Cat-Sized Tents!

Just look at them!
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How to Get Cats to Like You

Cats have an unfair reputation for being aloof and indifferent towards people.
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Sad Cat

This Cat Is So Sad It's Funny

Happy International Cat Day!
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No Cat, You Do NOT Like Salt & Vinegar Chips

Feet. They smell like feet.
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