‘It Looked Like a Chicken Breast’: Man Finds Brain on Beach

A construction worker in Wisconsin found an interesting package during a stroll on the beach. And based on reactions of authorities that he showed it to, you don’t have to be a brainiac to figure out what it is.
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How to Keep Your Kids Safe at the Beach, Pool and Playground This Summer

As states continue to reopen, many are seeing a spike in coronavirus cases. With anxiety levels already high, parents now must contend with the challenge of keeping their kids safe as they head to pools, playgrounds and the beach.
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Beach Opening Ceremony

Beach Opening Ceremony Cheer on Stone Harbor's finest in Red, White and Blue as they compete to unlock the ocean for the Summer of 2019! Stone Harbor's Beach Patrol, Police, Fire and Rescue, and OEM Departments compete in a series of challenges to officially open the beach and ocean for the summer...
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Is It Safe to Go to the Beach This Summer? 6 Tips to Protect Yourself and Others

With summer fast approaching, people are looking to squeeze in some fun in the sun on the beach, but is it safe amid the coronavirus pandemic? Experts weighed in on how to enjoy the beach this summer. Read more.
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Hungry Seagulls

The Secret to Scaring Seagulls Away From Your Food

This trick could save your next trip down the shore.
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Seeing Asbury Park on a list of America's best beach towns would have unthinkable ten years ago. But now? Totally belongs. What Thrillist says: "In the not-so-distant past, Asbury Park was best known as a dated Springsteen reference -- a once great tourist mecca, turned as stale as months-old...
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