The Pig Revolution Is Upon Us

While all the Post Malone and 2 minute jargon may distract you at times, never forget that as your faithful night host on ALT 92.3 - what I do is a public service. That is why it is my duty to inform you that soon you, your neighbor, your cousin you haven’t seen since 2013 and everyone you’ve ever...
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Dolphins playing

Dolphins Like to Get High

Completely randomly, I stumbled on the fact that dolphins like to get high JUST LIKE US! Apparently, there was a documentary a while back from the BBC that showed dolphins getting high off of a puffer fish! When puffer fish are threatened, they emit a toxin which, in small doses, can cause a trance...
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SCREW Song of the Day today with a capital 'S'! Two bears got into a fight out in Jersey and that’s the only thing that matters.
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Just in time for Discovery's Shark Week which is just around the corner (July 28th - August 4th) there's a cool app to calm your nerves or just geek out.
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Alligator in pool

Alligator Found In Long Island Family's Swimming Pool

Humans aren't the only ones needing a break from the heatwave.
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Hawk in Flight

Hawk Hijinks on the Lower East Side

First things first: the hawk is ok.
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cat walking on sidewalk

Cat Was Accidentally Shipped In A Box!!

Baloo the house cat was accidentally shipped in a box 1500 miles away from its owners. Luckily the cat was found alive and ok, but how does this happen?
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Help Animals Affected by Hurricanes

We were very fortunate to have North Shore Animal League America’s help with our Not So Silent Night lineup announcement this morning.
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Comedian Jon Stewart Helps Aid Goats Found On New York Subway Tracks

Jon Stewart has helped make a home for two goats found roaming along the subway tracks in New York City.
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German Man Calls Police For Help As Squirrel Chases Him

I was chased by a bat once. That was scary. A goose ran after me at the park a few weeks ago, also scary.
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