This Groundhog Eating Pizza on a Woman's Patio Will Make You Miss Being Outside

Meet your quarantine spirit animal. A Philadelphia woman captured a video of an adorable groundhog nibbling on pizza with its buck teeth, all while looking through her glass sliding door. See the clip here.
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Expert Discovers Colorful Spider Resembling Van Gogh’s Masterpiece ‘Starry Night’

What do Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and spiders have in common? Up until recently, nothing, but that all changed when a new species of spiders was discovered that resembles the famous masterpiece. See it now.
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Animal Shelter Seeking Home for 'World's Worst Cat'

An animal shelter in North Carolina is trying to find a home for the “world’s worst cat.” The shelter, which is just north of Asheville, North Carolina, is waiving adoption fees on the cat, Perdita, in hopes that someone will take the feline off of their hands as soon as possible. The Michell...
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Recycle Dog Recycles

#1Thing: How To Be Zero Waste With a Pet

Making eco-conscious efforts in your household is easy enough, but it’s also important to extend those actions to include caring for your furry family members.
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Therapy Pigs Help Take the Stress Out of Holiday Travel

Traveling can be super stressful, especially during the holiday season. If any of your travels include a stop at the San Francisco International Airport, there is a good chance you'll cross the “Wag Brigade.” It's a program that brings therapy animals to the airport to help ease your travel anxiety...
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The Pig Revolution Is Upon Us

While all the Post Malone and 2 minute jargon may distract you at times, never forget that as your faithful night host on ALT 92.3 - what I do is a public service. That is why it is my duty to inform you that soon you, your neighbor, your cousin you haven’t seen since 2013 and everyone you’ve ever...
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Dolphins playing

Dolphins Like to Get High

Completely randomly, I stumbled on the fact that dolphins like to get high JUST LIKE US! Apparently, there was a documentary a while back from the BBC that showed dolphins getting high off of a puffer fish! When puffer fish are threatened, they emit a toxin which, in small doses, can cause a trance...
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SCREW Song of the Day today with a capital 'S'! Two bears got into a fight out in Jersey and that’s the only thing that matters.
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Just in time for Discovery's Shark Week which is just around the corner (July 28th - August 4th) there's a cool app to calm your nerves or just geek out.
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Alligator in pool

Alligator Found In Long Island Family's Swimming Pool

Humans aren't the only ones needing a break from the heatwave.
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