Cage the Elephant

Not So Silent Night: A Hip Hop Collab for Cage the Elephant?

Plus what their GRAMMY nomination means to them
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Our 10 Favorite Twenty One Pilots Instagram Moments of 2019

Believe the hype , twenty one pilots had an amazing 2019 filled with an engagement and a baby and The Bandito Tour and of course Ned. Our favorite duo ran around the world supporting Trench , and left behind a lifetime of memories. Before we put the wraps on the decade, you know the one where...
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Foster the People May Retire 'Pumped Up Kicks'

It’s not often a band considers retiring their most popular song, but that’s exactly where Foster the People stands with “Pumped up Kicks.” Frontman and songwriter Mark Foster says he’s thinking about leaving the band’s breakthrough hit out of all future live performances because it has run its...
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Billie Eilish on Why It's a Great Time to Be Vegan

There’s no better time to be Billie Eilish . The “bad guy” singer is almost everyone’s top artist of 2019 and a record-breaking GRAMMY nominee, plus her vegan lifestyle is easier now than it has ever been. In a new interview with Variety , Eilish talks about the struggles of being vegan on tour but...
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The Song Mumford & Sons Has Played Live the Most

It’s been 10 years since Mumford & Sons made their debut, with Sigh No More arriving in October of 2009. The first strums of “Little Lion Man” still feel frozen in time, as the band has continuously broken new ground over the past decade. The latest chapter is Delta , the band’s fourth album...
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This Might Be Your New Favorite YouTube Series

If you're a music lover like me, boy do I have a treat for you. During one of my recent YouTube rabbit holes I have a habit of falling into late at night, I discovered a series called Professor of Rock. It details in great depth, the stories behind some of the most iconic rock songs in history and...
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A Look Back at 2019 for the Bands of 'Not So Silent Night'

Who knew 2020 was even a real year? Straight from a Terminator-esque future and into our actual calendar, the far off distant date is now just days away. The holidays are here, those glorious twenty-teens are running out, and we’re left asking where the year went? Before we say goodbye to another...
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Van Halen Bassist Defends Billie Eilish for Not Knowing His Band

Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen isn’t offended that one of music’s hottest stars never heard of his band. In fact, Wolf is coming to the defense of Billie Eilish in a big way. The “controversy” that is blowing up music Twitter started when the 17-year-old “everything i wanted” singer appeared...
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EXCLUSIVE: Skegss Strips Down 'Up in the Clouds' and 'Road Trip'

Australian alt-rockers Skegss spent most of November giving thanks to their fans in the U.S., but made it back home before the weather got too cold here. The carefree trio entertained crowds from Chicago to Long Beach with songs from their 2018 album My Own Mess and more, and now they’re here to...
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Pearl Jam Announces First Tour Dates Since 2018

Pearl Jam has been relatively quiet for the past year or so, but the Seattle rockers are revving up the touring machine for 2020. The band has announced a run of European dates, including a massive show at London’s Hyde Park and three festival dates. 13 shows in all have been announced beginning...
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