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EXCLUSIVE: Grouplove Debut a New Song, Share a Special Private Performance

Grouplove is about to drop their fourth studio album, but first the band joined RADIO.COM for a special private performance. Hear the band debut new music, and throwback to a few of our favorites.
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Radiohead's Ed O'Brien (EOB) in the RADIO.COM Theater

"You Can't Stay in the Gang Forever" - Ed O'Brien and Radiohead

Ed joined the band when he was just 16-years-old - an age when we were all still discovering ourselves. It begged the question, "how does one establish a sense of self with a band so interwoven with who they've been their entire adult life?"
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hayley williams

Exclusive: Hayley Williams Talks 'Petals For Armor' + Paramore

The iconic frontwoman pulls back the curtain on her creative process and the future.
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Hayley Williams Confirms the Future of Paramore and the Meaning of 'Petals For Armor'

Last week Hayley Williams began to let us into her world, revealing her Petals For Armor I EP. As she released the first real look into her solo project, the Paramore vocalist talked with RADIO.COM about the meaning behind the title, what this means for the band, and much more. “The title comes...
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Bryce and Meg Myers at ALT 92.3

Going Head To Head and Toe To Toe with Meg Myers

Meg Myers needs to lie down. Maybe it's the full moon, maybe it's the manic energy of NYC, but she hasn't slept in two days and forgot to eat. We scrap a TikTok capture as she tells me about an upcoming TED performance and interview that's got her mind elsewhere.
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Yungblud and MGK Wish They Wrote 'I Think I'm OKAY' When They Were 12

Yungblud and MGK were quick to admire each other’s work when we asked about the making of their song, “I Think I’m OKAY.” The collaboration which also includes Travis Barker , has become a breakout smash thanks to the chemistry and fire power created when they come together. “I’ll never forget when...
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Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers In the RADIO.COM Theater

Flea Picks His Favorite Chili Peppers Song of All Time

Flea’s catalog with the Chili Peppers goes back four decades. Sure, the guy on the street is probably going to cite "Under The Bridge" as their favorite track, but what song does Flea think sums up the band?
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Flea with Kevan Kenney in the RADIO.COM Theater

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea Reveals His Favorite New Artist

When Flea stopped by to chat his new book, Kevan Kenney was eager to get his thoughts if there were any artists today that he particularly enjoyed.
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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Martin of Coldplay on the Meaning Behind 'Orphans' and Dealing With Super Bowl Critics

There’s a certain urgency to “Orphans,” the first glimpse released from Coldplay ’s upcoming eighth studio album, Everyday Life . In the jubilant crowd that fills the song, bursting bright from the speakers, there’s a determined voice that leads the way. The song was the last addition to Everyday...
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Flea visits the RADIO.COM Theater

EXCLUSIVE: Flea Reveals Differences With Anthony Kiedis That Make Red Hot Chili Peppers Work

The bassist’s new memoir ‘Acid for the Children’ is out now
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