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Woman Escapes Worst Date of Her Life, Calls Radio Station

We’ve all had bad dates and as AJR has recently reminded us, those bad dates just make us more interesting at parties, thus making us more intriguing and opening up further opportunities for bad dates and the vicious cycle just continues. That’s what that song’s about right? Well, one date up in...
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Sounds Like Kevan's Co-Host is Headed to Jail

I like to think of The Nightcap as your local dive on the radio. All walks of life are welcome, the musics good, the conversation is largely inconsequential and you leave every night knowing you’ve got a place to hang at 10PM during the week. Well one of those…walks of life…The Nightcap’s official...
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Monday’s show saw the unexpected debut of Samantha Nelson, who at the very least could fool Courtney Love’s Amazon Alexa with the sound of her voice or at the very most - is Courtney Love. This all happened thanks to friend of the show, Eric the Good News Guardian. While I love Eric and his...
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The Revivalists & Why You Should Approach Strangers with Guitars

Zack and Dave of the Revivalists share with Kevan Kenney about how they in fact met.
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