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The Most ALT 92.3 Song Ever

It’s a helluva headline. The MOST?! The actual honor may not be quantifiable but at the very least this three way collab is certainly in the conversation. First take Blink 182 - a band that if you listen to ALT 92.3 for four hours, you will most likely hear four or more times…and if you think that’...
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Chvrches Find Themselves a Major Summer Tour

What a time to be alive and be a music fan. A former ALT 92.3 concert performer touring with last year’s most played artist at pop radio. Wild, but true! 2018 Not So Silent Night performers Chvrches will be hitting the road with Halsey and newcomer Omar Apollo this summer as part of the former’s...
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The Most Influential Pop Punk Bands of All Time

Pop Punk. The music of a generation. An 11-year-old me couldn’t get enough of the stuff once MTV2 started spinning "My Friends Over You" by New Found Glory.
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The Problem with Millenials

This is the issue with millenials, coming from a - wait for it - millenial! (allegedly) Now, I say allegedly not because local law enforcement is searching a millenial matching my very physical description for a crime I in no way committed or have any helpful information about - I say allegedly...
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of monsters and men

Of Monsters and Men Were in a Ghost Club as Kids

Of all of my many chats backstage last night at Not So Silent Night, I gotta say the most interesting soundbyte I got was “I used to be in a Ghost Club.” That came courtesy of Nanna from Of Monsters and Men. She struggled with her vision as a child and was at a time legally blind. The lack of sight...
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Prep for NSSN with Last Year's Backstage Interviews

It's a bit cliche to talk about how a year has flown by, but 2019 did just that. It's incredible to me that it's already been just about 365 days since Not So Silent Night 2018 - the inaugural holiday bash we throw here in Brooklyn. This year's edition features Mumford and Sons, Cage The Elephant,...
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Heckoff Supreme. What does it mean? Who the hell knows. Three dudes from Jersey make up the band whose impending Rock Opera is about to blow your minds. You can check out the gem “The Hostess (Who Is Goth)” on my blog from last week but right now, let’s appreciate the riveting performance the group...
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New CHVRCHES Music Has Arrived

Friends of the station and all around great Alternative act CHVRCHES are back with fresh tunes today. It’s all a part of a new collaboration with video game creator Hideo Kohima’s new project DEATH STRANDING: Timefall which serves as a soundtrack to the accompanying game by the same title. The...
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Here I am, yet again providing endlessly fat songs for you to namamamamamamamunch on. This one comes courtesy of Dog Eat Dog. I’ll be straight up with you. I didn’t know Dog Eat Dog existed until two days ago. I was watching this 1995 dynamo concert and they performed this song “Who’s the King?”...
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Gather ‘round for a nice old history lesson kiddo. You know Dashboard Confessional? You know Chris Carrabba? You love ‘em, you know all their lyrics, but do you know Chris’ first band? Like 1996 first band? Vacant Andys. Check out a song from deep deep Deep in the vault - it’s called Hokey/Square...
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