ALTimate '90s

ALT 92.3 Quarantine Countdown: Our ALTimate 92 Songs of the '90s! 

Let’s relive the time BC (Before-COVID) and step into the '90s all week with Nirvana, Oasis, Dave Matthews Band and all the artists who defined an era.
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Our Own Oscars: ALT 92.3's Top '90s Movies OF ALL TIME

We're not watching the Oscars! We all know 'A Star Is Born' is winning everything including the kitchen sink. So, we'll be tucking in with a massive bag of popcorn to watch our favorite '90s movies OF ALL TIME.
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'Daria' to Reportedly Make an MTV Return

MTV’s beloved, notoriously cynical, monotone cartoon character Daria is headed back to MTV, the network announced.
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