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Nicki grew up listening to pop punk, emo, and screamo in Northern New Jersey. After graduating college with a BS in Math and some college radio experience, she decided to try her luck following her passion for music and broadcasting in New York City. She quickly gained a reputation as someone willing to learn anything and everything about radio and credits that to leading to more and more new opportunities. Now, after years of doing tons of work in a variety of roles both on air and “behind the scenes,” nothing is more satisfying, exciting, or fun for Nicki than being on air at ALT 92.3, New York’s New Alternative! 

Nicki also loves music festivals, the beach, and having a somewhat dry and sarcastic sense of humor. She hates people who complain about millennials. 

Lastly, but probably... no, definitely most importantly, anyone who knows Nicki knows she is in love with her big fuzzy dog, Hudson, and often ask if he’s part polar bear. Spoiler alert... he’s not. 

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